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Holland Village | Chip Bee Gardens


Property Type:

Black and white house;

MBA Co-living Accommodation


Jln Hitam Manis,

Singapore 278509

Project Duration:

2018 - Present

The Story

As a Singaporean MBA at the INSEAD Asia Campus in 2002, Founder of Keystone, Low Jeng-tek was embarrassed that his fellow MBAs, guests in his country, generally had poor experiences staying in condominiums. The challenges were many — Unresponsive agents, poorly furnished apartments, difficult relationships with landlords and condo security were common. On top of that, many were worried about not getting their security deposit back. 

In 2018, The Homestead Group found the opportunity and launched The Keystone, an enclave of 20 Heritage former British Military Terraced Houses exclusively at Holland Village. The project has been a success from Day 1. 


The History

"Chip Bee Gardens was constructed in the mid-1960s as married quarters for the British Armed Forces. Until the 1970s, it was a residential enclave for their members. Following their withdrawal in the same decade, the estate became a popular district for expatriate teachers teaching in various international schools and tertiary institutions in the area."


It's prime location due to its closeness to the train station, shopping malls and cafe makes it one of the most sought-after locations in Singapore. Now known as a luxuriant resident estate along surrounded by the neighbourhood's wide variety of offerings, it has led to what many know Holland Village for - an expatriate bohemian social enclave.

More details

The Keystone by Homestead is an INSEAD-exclusive residence. The Homestead Group has served over 400 INSEAD students to date.

Since the establishment of The Keystone in August 2018, the brand has steadily grown to being the top choice of accomodation amongst the INSEADers.


Number of Houses


Asset Value


Approx. 30k Sqft/20 Townhouses

20 Townhouses

Serviced Accomodation

37 Million

>95% occupancy since Aug 2018

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